- LifeVrse -
March 2019 - Volume I Episode II

This episode follows Pastor Daniel Goulding of Rock Point Church. Daniel shares his LifeVrse of Galatians 2:20, as well as the significance & role the verse plays in our lives. He also shares what it means to be able to see that scripture on his LifeVrse God Feet Sandals. A simple reminder to walk with Purpose In Every Step, each and every time we slide our GF on.

Finally, we explore & dive into the manufacturing process of how our LifeVrse product is made, at our GF Shop in Queen Creek, Arizona, as well as the non rivaled quality that the product offers.

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January 2019 - Volume I Episode I

This episode follows Shelley Potter, as she tries out her new God Feet Festival Tee at LA Fitness. Shelley shares her testimony, as well as what wearing the tee shirt means to her and her family.

We also explore behind the scenes footage of the production process at our GF Shop in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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