Men God Feet Sandals

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Handmade Traditional Leather Sandal

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God Feet's new Signature Leather collection is the definition of high quality footwear with a purpose. You can be assured that with every step you take, you will be walking with Purpose In Every Step

Strap - Oil tanned Napa Valley leather. Custom cut & sewn in our Queen Creek, AZ shop. Includes a sewn in leather God Feet tag that brings everything together

Leather Upper - This Leather collection is hand picked and oil tanned from Napa Valley. Thicker & more durable than industry standards 

God Feet Heel Logo - Custom branded right in our shop

Leather Midsole - This veg tanned leather is hand picked from Napa Valley. Thicker & more durable than industry standards. Providing additional support, structure & reinforced durability for your God Feet

Sponge - Memory foam like sponge. Perfect for conforming to your individual foot

Arch - Cut & sanded by hand. Working with the memory foam to custom fit any arch

Outsole Rubber - Soft yet extremely durable. Protecting you from all the elements

Contact Adhesive - As strong as it gets. Withstanding even the harshest conditions



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